Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mohamed Awad the real con man.

11/5/11, As I was walking along the promenade today a hand tapped me on the shoulder or rather grabbed my shoulder, hey" Mr Tony where is my money,
this was Bedawi, the builder of my home,IN 2004/5 ,, I thought Mohamed was paying you in monthly instalments; I said ,
no he never give me only 1 month he say he wait for you to pay , I told him how much I paid. and he was supposed to be paying you the builder and the painter, from money from the hotel and restaurant. I said, I need to know more, and said we can talk in a coffee shop,
apparently The builder paid his workers each day,,, at times, like when making concrete floors etc he had 30 men working ,,,,normally while bricklaying and plastering there was 4 men working, plus men paid to take the bricks and sand up to the working area floor, these men only worked if paid each day, and Mohamed only paid for the workers leaving Bedawi without money , Mohamed saying he will get the money at the end of the job, and just gave money to tie the builder over, Bedawi said he received one month but that was all.. each month he went for his money he was told the same story, Mr Tony have no money, well Mohamed wasn't lying, the painter has the same story he never got paid only for materials.
so I told Bedawi to go see the sheikh, then he told me things I already knew from an employee at the hotel called Walla, out of the 2400 months salary for 6 employees, Mohamed was taking half their wages for getting them a job in my hotel, all of these employees are his relations, Walla got the push two months before I had problems Mohamed said Walla was taking all the tips, I prove it He said, early morning there was only two staff in the hotel, send the new boy out to get groceries, when getting the money out of your pocket, drop this 20 le on the floor I have taken the serial no, and of course Walla picked the note up. Mohamed gave Walla instant dismissal.
The reason being Walla was my pal , We talked about things , and Mohamed did not want Walla telling me the truth of what was going on. and it was Walla who told me 6 months after I got burnt out of the hotel what Mohamed was up to IE taking half the wages taking all the tips taking 4500le for meat your bill was about 1000 le per month, I paid Mohamed Awad employees tax money its the law Mr Tony ! we have to pay Tax,! and Another reason why I had to employ his best friend Hassan as hotel manager, 1000 per month,
Hassan was illiterate, so he needed to employ an under manager, this is and was a 5 bedroomed hotel, but Mohamed kept bringing up the rules of owning a hotel in Egypt, 6 staff one gardener handy man Tyib, the garden was 20 x 5 meters with lots of paving, the hotel was new no need for a handyman,
I left Bedawi rather confused! he thought Mohamed took me out of the hotel for not paying ,Bedawi is going to see the Sheikh this Friday,
and once Mohamed got me out, his lies as to not being paid people believed,


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