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west bank luxor egypt

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Mohamed Awad, baba

Known As the Stick
this is the teacher of the good book
, taught his son how to drink whisky, sell and take opium,even how to sell his friends its said he killed two women in Saudi., and that's the reason he had to leave his life of money behind, he also had a month's jail for hitting my wife with a stave.

the lower photo is the old mans wife Samira another one who likes using the stick. she was the carrier of dope in the family, police do not stop and search women , so she got away with carrying dope for years, she also is hooked on hash she smokes it in the bubble pipe.

poor Mohamed Achmed had no chance really of a normal life and no wonder he is a druggy,

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Mustafa is a crooked lawyer , has an uncle in the forgery office, a relative who works in the court of sheihk Tayeb , Alla atea , had an uncle in the luxor court,Hassan Atea (deceased), a friend as in head of prosecution judge Shaddy,
Why was Mustafa Atea so keen in getting all the charges dropped????
I or my lawyers knew when we went to see Sheihk Tyeb IN jUNE 2010 that Mustafa had been found guilty of forgery,, mustafa knew! because his relation in the forgery office in quena told him.
they also blackmailed me to take what was offered by saying, the father and brother of Mohamed Awad and he MUSTAFA had put new charges in of assault these charges will get me 3/5 years in jail. there were no charges lodged!!
so what they did was bluff me into believing I was going to Jail. not forgetting I already had a two week jail sentence on my head after mustafa made false assault charges,
and I had a suspended 2 weeks jail when the father claimed I hit him in the testicles.
the father got a months Jail he was appealing on. I had to drop that charge also,
2 months after the Sheik gave orders of repaying, and after the charges filed in luxor court were dropped. I was still having to put up with hassle from the elders as to dropping more charges,
so the charges I had to drop in order to get my money back was as follows.
first charge that Mohamed and Mustafa swindled me out of my money.
mustafa made false Arabic rent papers,they should have been for the ownership of land,
he,, as now proven,, twelve months after the initial charges made forged English rent papers.

Mustafa was acting for both parties, none of the judges looked into this matter,
the assault on my person and my wife by the father. charges were dropped,

Mustafa also made the judges look corrupt by bringing 6 of them to my home to eat 3 weeks prior to getting my Arabic contract,
why did mustafa need to get a rent contract signed by a judge? two lawyers do this, one for each party, and the original Arabic rent contract was stamped and signed by a judge.
at this point we will not go into what Mohamed did, apart from attempted murder that charge was also dropped,
I doubt very much if he can remember much of what happened with the amount of alcohol and opium he consumed, but what he did is all on record ,,that is if the police have not got rid of them. all other documents on my case have been photocopied.

,Attempted murder

why did I go to the hotel.

Before I entered the hotel, I showed a 3 PIP policeman at the checkpoint next to the building now known as the West bank hotel. my papers from the court,
this was the paper I had received 6 months prior from the luxor court that I could go back to my home but did not "WHY? sheikh asked me not to provoke Awad while he was deciding what to do about my situation,
I asked this policeman to help, there was also several plain clothed police at the checkpoint at that time,
none would help even though I had court orders to go back to my home,
as I arrived in the hotel the doors where open but there was no one about, so I proceeded to go up to my room that is situated to the rear of the first floor. as I was on the first flight of concrete steps Carima the wife of Mohamed Awad saw me and started screaming . Tony is here. then mohamed Awad who sleeps on the ground floor on the base of the stairs appeared I GAVE HIM THE PAPERS THEN KARIMA TOOK THEM AND RIPPED THEM UP I took a photo of Mohamed then he ,,MOHAMED,, shouted I kill you you fuck then grabbed my legs and dragged me down 5 steps I banged my head and my buttock . while semi concious on the floor I was kicked several times. karima took my bag and emptied its contents on the floor and took my Htc mobile phone,mohamed took my camera and took the memory card out. as I got to my feet karima and mohameds mother Samira started hitting me with sticks as I moved from the bottom of the stairs into the foyer.
Achmed appeared in his underwear he never moved from the base of the stairs he was just shouting"you fuck just go I will kill you. then the Neighbours appeared and dragged me out of the hotel then brave achmed came out and started shouting the same as before,
one secret police came and told me to leave. and I went to the checkpoint. here I was told to wait for the tourist police IE Ebd El Moshin. I waited for one hour and was quite incoherent. half an hour after the incident in the hotel Achmed came to the check point. to make a complaint.
as I now know the complaint was I had used a knife and attacked him, so why did the police not search me, Here I was being held by the police a knife wielding tourist. and no one searched me . neither did they try to retrieve my mobile and sim card,
on arrival at the police station at dier el medinet, they questioned Achmed first. an hour later I was questioned as I was writing my statement moshin asked what am I doing ? make it short just say how the women hit you them we can take to court, then I asked that I go to the hospital
as I was making the new statement they called a service taxi to take me and achmed to the hospital. moshin also ordered a guard to accompany us, at this I asked "am I under arrest,
why would you be under arrest ;asked Moshin, I been arrested before and no one told my embassy" I said; and again he said no you are not under arrest.
at the hospital the guard stayed glued to me ; Achmed was allowed to walk about freely. after a few minutes Achmed was allowed to leave. now it was my turn to get examined. A severe blow to the head several marks where I had been hit with a stick or similar, and another severe bruise to the buttock, then I was taken back to the police station. there I waited for almost 2 hours, before another vehicle was called to take us to the main police station in new Gurna.
no questions , just very stern police by this time I was feeling Quite faint and asked if I could go home to eat drink and get my medication. not now you can get them later, then a young police officer arrived he was told to get changed into civil clothes. when He came back he was given a pistol and told to hide it under his jacket. at 19.30 we left . in the cab of a local transport vehicle, this guy could only talk about how he would like to have sex with a white girl just kept on and on. I was glad to have some space as we boarded the ferry, after getting off the ferry the sex machine said we take a taxi I said no, the court is just down the promenade then I went to my flat under much objection from the gun totting policeman. but nothing he could do as his orders were to get me to the court by 21.30. while in my flat I managed to get a message to my lawyer. through my landlord. even though I was being charged for assault with a deadly weapon, they said I was not under arrest, so there is no need to contact any one, I only found out what the charges where while in front of the Judge.
In the court We all of us were made to stand up, usually we sit then stand when the Judge is addressing someone, feeling quite faint I asked the Judge if I could sit after being on my feet in searing heat all day." SHUT THE FUCK UP" he shouted.. half an hour later I was up on a grievous bodily assault on the ARSONIST Achmed Mohamed Awad. even though the doctors said in the report Achmed had a superficial wound to his hand made with a blunt instrument.
one week later I was with the Sheikh making deals for my money back, one and the main part of the deal was that I the victim and to drop all charges against all the conspirators who swindled me out of my home and money,
two days after the deal I was called in front of the corrupt Judges. first question
Why you make it bad for us?
so I told him. about all the corruption The lawyer had spun in this court.
?what was the reason for the judges to see me.
By taking my case in front of the sheik and making Mohamed Awad and his lawyer plus the judges liars. they wanted me out of the country,
this was geared by the lawyer Mustafa Atea because before the beating, I would not drop the charges against him. so in effect Mustafa was still in charge in this court. he had the backing of Sheihk Abru nasser + one of the elders.

The reason I went to the hotel Because when Sheik Achmed Tyeb called mohamed on his mobile to sign papers to had over land to me;- he said he was in Cairo and would not be back home for a week, hence the photos I took of him in the hotel, and the reason he did not make a complaint to the police, even though I tried to pull him out of the hotel, therefore he was the only one I touched not Achmed,
If he made the assault complaint to his friend Moshin, Sheihk mohamed would have known he lied and was not in Cairo. as soon as the lying neighbours came, he shut himself in his room,
he was also not in a fit state to go anywhere,

Mohamed the drug addict.

I have asked for help in getting my rights, now the corruption as I have been told is finished in this country I chose as my home, unsure of anything here now after the lies I have been told over the past 9 years, my trust in the people of Egypt is very low. and apart from what help I have had from the Sheikh, there is no one I can say I trust any more , I know that’s an awful thing to say, but after you read my story I hope you will understand why I have no trust, too often I have been told ,,Trust me a favourite saying of the liars, trust only comes from some one who has proven themselves and that has not happened in my case yet.

Just like this photo from outside the court in luxor Egypt Judges had lost their grip on justice.

I was told by the Sheikhs that I would be paid from the Sheikh, it was even in the paper the day after I had my first 25.000 le.

I was not told I will be paid after the swindler Mr Mohamed Awad decides to give the sheikh money, he and his lawyer Mustafa Atea. not only were they at the reigns in the luxor district court, but they were at the reigns once The sheikh gave his orders on paying back, we want this we want that, blackmailed with you will get 3/5 years jail .drop all the charges or else, and they were helped by the sheikhs Man, I at this moment do not think the Sheikhs knew what happened after his orders to pay back the £40.000.00

and this was only the sum when I first went to the Sheikh 4 years before, when he ordered Mohamed to pay back 12,000.00 per year

I also want to know why the Sheikh let Mohamed walk away from the 2006 deal. has he lost the power to do what is right, certainly sounds as if that was the case. or was he told by Mustafa Atea I could not win my case in the court,

This letter does not intend to, or speak bad about the sheikhs, just those who took charge of my case and the swindlers who brought the corruption into the Home of Sheikh Mohamed and Sheikh Achmed Tyeb. I can tell you my story now that corruption has finished in Egypt.

I am writing this note as to the procedure that occurred after The Sheikh ordered Mohamed Awad to pay me back £40.000.00, as soon as the Sheihk was out of sight they started to take me down, one day after the order ; I returned with a lawyer whom Sheihk abru Nassar informed me I would need to draw papers up as to the deal, on starting the conversation with the man called; Alla Atea.; they offered me £20.000.oo , and I walked out of the room, then they sent Sheihk mohamed tayeb’s man after me , rather angrily he told me take the deal; saying Mr you will not get anything from the Luxor court do you want your mobile and money back, I was also told that there was 3 more complaints in the luxor court of assault ,this I was told will put me in jail for 3/5 years ,,now the dogs of war knew I would take anything just to get some peace. they also knew it was only a few days after Mohamed and his family tried to kill me. and after the beating I was quite incoherent. I had severe headaches my body had several bruises from being beaten by sticks and I had lost my hearing in one ear where I banged my head after Mohamed dragged me down 5 steps,

I had had enough, OK for The sheikh saying be strong, that was in 2006 on my first visit to his home. since;- I and My wife had been beaten up ; the father received 0ne months Jail and I received two weeks for protecting her. I have had my finger crushed by the father’s stave, and received 2 weeks jail after lies on an assault on the lawyer Mustafa Atea,

so 3 years of fighting corruption in the luxor court I had had enough, time to Quit, take what I can as you Sheihk tyeb said to me When I visited you In Your Office In Al-Azhar University in 2009.

once the deal was made at 30 thousand£, they started again, we want all charges dropped first and it seemed most important was the months Jail for Mohamed Awad father. I already had my sentence quashed and had to pay 1000le ,

not up to me to say,, he attacked my wife with a stave. so I say no ,,at that Mohamed grabbed my phone sim card and the money and run out of the room!! then the sheihks man again in an even much angrier voice said don’t you want your money. I know Sheihk Achmed had ordered this problem finished Awad was under threat to be expelled from the village if He did not make terms. the terms had been settled by the Sheihk, who also said when asked About Mustafa Atea , DO WHAT YOU WANT,

so to get some peace I phoned My Wife In the UK she said :-do what’s necessary to get a win situation if The sheikh has ordered Mohamed to pay you back you have won, so I went back in the room and just agreed to everything as I said I had enough of the corruption and lies. it seemed that it was here too,

next day we agreed to meet in the luxor courthouse at 11.00. to drop all the charges, against me and The swindlers,

no one turned up but just as before the liar Mohamed said he was there but I did not come. I waited with my lawyer in the lawyers room for 2 hours, no one showed even phoned the sheikhs man then he phoned Mustafa Atea who said he was in Cairo and will be back in 10 days. as he was, (q) why did mustafa go to Cairo,

first he had a big problem.

he was acting for both parties when the contract was signed he was my lawyer and mr mohameds lawyer,

when the swindle was uncovered he refused to sign the leasing from his power of attorney. and went missing for seven weeks until his uncle Hassan could find a way out for him , he did this as head justice clerk by hiding the papers.

then he went to see his friend Judge Shaddy, who had recently moved from the luxor Court to an office job in the cairo court , I know this because The Prosecution judges called me into office asking why I made it bad for them asked about my remarks on the internet about the corrupt Judge who was once head of prosecution, or is that persecution?

wanted me out of the country these nobility did.

when Mustafa came back off his Jaunt to Cairo his aim was to make me look a liar, drop all the charges etc etc,

problem is as soon as I was awarded my money back from the Head of Islam in Egypt it has made all involved with my case corrupt liars, Either they are corrupt or the The sheikh who helped me is made to look a complete nincompoop

I do not listen to what people say the two brothers Sheihk Mohamed And Sheihk Tyeb I have much respect for they are the only ones who helped me get any kind of justice In what was a corrupt to the core Egypt,

poor Mohamed! looks like his head is swimming in drugs, maybe A stint in jail will clean him of his habit,

this photo is the reason he attacked me. only 9 hours before he told the Sheikh he was in Cairo,

oops , maybe he thought he was in Cairo, drugs can do wonders ,

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British embassy Cairo,

ahmed mohamed awad the arsonist. and liar. .

Achmed Mohamed Awad arsonist and compulsive liar.



the grey hair in the photo belongs to Professor Strawinski from the polish dig above hatshepsut temple.

Close up of Mr Awad

sorry I do not have agood photo Jurgen ,this is Awads dealer from Germany. now part owner of my home.

Mohamed Awad who has picked up all his bad habits from his father &
mother, began his life in Saudi Arabia, on having to return to a life of poverty in Luxor
Egypt some 18 years Ago, was sent out to work on the ferry selling tissues to the
tourist and soon took over his mothers trade of selling hashish, and any other drug he
or she could lay their hands on including opium. Mohamed has an addiction of three
parts per day, he uses the excuse , its for his sinus problem, and also blames his parents
for bringing him here to Egypt and a life of poverty,
when I met him he was the nicest guy you could wish to meet especially since I was new to
Egypt and could not speak the language. and I took him as a friend and confidant, and my
taxi driver, that is all he was in the beginning, and I learnt about him and most important
he learnt about me. after 1 year, I was told that he had a big problem building his home,
that is when I thought I would help my new friend, but together with his family and his cousin
the lawyer, colluded together to get my money, I also found out the reason why they had to
leave Saudi, I was told by one of his friends ( he owes money to) that the father killed 2 women
under Shari law as they were prostitutes, and that Mohamed has had all the remainder of his fathers
money for his habit.

, that is why when I met him he was so poor, and I took pity on him and his family, In spite of our
great friendship together, with his family and his cousin the lawyer, colluded together to get my money
Wahid a friend of Mohamed , that is another he owed money too, told me that he was the one who
supplied the food the day we were invited to eat at Mohamed’s home. he told me exactly what we
ate, that was 3 years previous, and that he paid the remainder of the money owed on his Taxi
with the first £900 I gave him, ( right from the beginning Mohamed’s aim was to get my money)
after we built my home things began to change as did Mohamed, I gave him £60.000 sixty thousand
before we even opened the hotel. after we opened all the money we were making went to pay
builders etc, , he was
asking friends of mine that came to stay for money ( Mr Tony has a big money problem and does not
like to ask you for money),he even asked a long time friend of mine for £15.000.00
for the front part of my home saying that I had to sell to raise money to pay the builder,
this all came to light after I was forced out of my home.
on reporting Mohamed and his lawyer for taking my money falsely. As soon as Mohamed awads
name was mentioned, the police started quizzing me on the drugs trafficking and the artefacts
dealings to which they said they had been trying to catch him for several years. (the only problem
I thought Mohamed had was with the whisky)

Monday January 14.20011
3rd day after the downfall of the regime and now I can tell of the corruption that gripped this country like a vice.
I realized 9 months ago that I was caught up in the corruption. And the reason I went to See Sheikh Achmed Tyeb to get my home back, Mohamed has been caught up in police corruption for a long time and it’s the only reason he is still operating. What you do with this bad man, the police asked before they interrogated me. And now I can put my horror story back on line,

All a farce;- no on pissed here without the police knowing . How can they say they did not know what the German Jurgen Engels

Was doing; he was coming here for two weeks in six, for 20 years. This was a guy who once cleaned the floors in Mc Donalds, before he was made jobless, how could he afford to come for ¼ of the year to Egypt. Why was it after I reported Jurgen to the minister of antiques for taking things out of the country he was not arrested. Jurgen after the report took the piece in the photo to Germany.
And today He is half owner of my home,

Sunday, July 26, 2009. this is the date this story was first put on my blog before the security police told me to take it down! we make it bad for you, I was told,

Mohamed Achmed Awad:- the eldest son of the land owner Mohamed Awad
Achmed Awad:- another son who Made the fire on my roof to get me out.
Mustafa Atea:-. the Awad family lawyer. ; cousin to Mohamed a a
Hassan Atea:- the lawyer’s uncle head clerk in the court.
Hamdy Habashery:- Mohamed’s uncle
Mohamed Jamal:- member of parliament for Luxor district
Money exchange at the time was:- 12 Egyptian pound for 1 pound sterling.
Sisha :- a bubble pipe. Turkey they call it the hookah pipe.
(K)= one thousand sterling. (£) sterling pound

2004 ;-After we had made a decision on building my new home above the existing building, we discussed the habitable area and he said the animals will have to go so I can build my home there, and we came to an amicable agreement of five thousand sterling, I had been to see flats for this price from 5k to 15k. So we shook hands on the deal.
Feb 2004 To build on the top of the existing building I was originally told 5 k
I had £900 in cash I gave this to Mohamed and building work started I went back to the uk for 2 months and brought with me 5k in cash , on arrival at my new home I was surprised to see that all the tiling and floors, painting doors new cooker was done down stairs on the ground floor, so I asked why my place was not started , his answer was we make downstairs ready for you to stay. As it will save you money not renting , I said I already have a place to stay the answer was no Hamdy is a crook only wants your money and your flat is already rented to someone else, not wanting any problems and I now had a new home well at least a room to stay. So nothing was done about it under advice from my best friend Mohamed, I was there a couple of days and was told that they would be working on my room for water outlet etc and that I would be staying with a friend of his in the new villa by the Nile until the rooms where ready upstairs. And that it was bad for my health to stay in all the dust , so I stayed with Mohamed Anubi Nile villa until I went back home. The day before I went home I was informed that all the building material had gone expensive and the builders knew that I was building this home for you and they also have put their price up, and to finish my home it would cost another 10k so I went back to the uk to get more money, on arrival back my home had 2 rooms almost finished, and the price to stay in the villa had gone up to 2000egp per month as he had people who wanted to rent it so I stayed in the room down stairs until my room was ready, when I moved in my room Mohamed’s immediate family moved in the next room to mine, and we would stay up until all hours talking about this and that he would get whisky from whoever he could get scotch whisky from, and he could drink a bottle in an evening I drank mine with 7up as I could not keep up with the amount he drank the reason he told me was he wants to keep me happy and that his father did not allow him to drink downstairs. I like Glenfidech 10 year old whisky on special occasion’s . During our chats we discussed all manner of things including how much more we needed to finish my home. One evening Mohamed’s father The Imam as I was told , Mohamed would never make bad things for. It would be a great shame on him if he did anything wrong, he talked to Mohamed and I was told that if I am to spend any more money we will have to make a contract to say that this is my home.
I was going to tell him that anyway . And it was settled that a lawyer of my choice would come and make the said papers , on more drinking and talking I was told that there was a new lawyer in Gezira they did not know him but he is said to be good and he can also speak English. The following night Mohamed’s father Mohamed and the Lawyer called Mustafa Adea sat down and we all came to an agreement that I would own the land and the property that I was building until I passed away in the event of my sudden death the property would go to my wife, And as she would not need this property and on the event of my death with the insurances I had my children would not need this property so it would go back to the Awad family and we named the two children of Mohamed as benefactors. so all agreed that this was a good deed and that I was a very generous man, and how I change his life forever,
that was on July the 10th 04
On the days that followed we had more discussions and Mohamed wanted more money and asked if I would make this place into a hotel and restaurant, we had talked about this before of what I would have done if I bought the Sobic property.
And that I would at least be able to recover some of my money back .
So it was agreed between Mohamed and me, that I would run the hotel and he would run the taxi. And get tourists to stay and he would go around all the taxi drivers to bring people to the restaurant. And tell all his friends in the tour business about our new venture, but we need more money to do all this, he did not know exact but in the region of 30.000 all together with what I had already spent, then I went back to the uk after opening a joint account here, on arrival in the uk I deposited 5k in the aeb bank, when I came back to Luxor I gave Mohamed 20k from the sale of my bmw and workshop tools etc. unaccountable for, (cash) but he signed for the money as he did for all the money I gave him. Then I decided that if It was going to be a hotel I wanted good materials and things to finish the project and he said that this would be a lot more than the money I gave him
so another 10k was withdrawn from the bank. After all was finished. The man came to measure after the builders and this was another 5k, Mohamed started owing money so I said how much and we agreed that when he sold the car I would get it back £2,200 that he borrowed from Pam under the pretence that we had to pay for the license and beer license for the hotel.

My new hotel was open
We opened the business on January 2nd 05 we had nobody in the hotel the first week only a few people eating in the restaurant. So I made some pamphlets and business cards so Mohamed could take to all of his so called friends on the Monday we had the archaeologist Professor Strawinsky to view our hotel he liked it and asked if we could come to an agreement on full board for the week For 8 people who were on the new dig above Hatshepsut temple. The price was given at 900le per week and they moved in the same day, they stayed for 2 months. Very happy people. Then a fellow polish man came with his wife and daughter so I moved out of my room into the cleaners room this was a room of 9×9 with only a service hatch to get to the water and such , no air condition , I used the toilets and wash basin to the restaurant for washing etc. and had to buy a fan to cool the room down. But that was ok as the hotel was now in full swing,
during this time I had got 7 in my employ this was necessary to keep to the hotels regulations, according to Mohamed. so my wages bill was 2500le per month my meat bill was 4 thousand a month then I was paying for electric fruit and veg the total was 8.000.00 le per month the restaurant was becoming popular and I was still paying 4.000.00 a month out of my pocket . Then I had Mohamed making all the excuses in the world to give him money we had police eating and drinking in our restaurant every day, what he told me was they come because we do not have a license yet. (He was getting small money from them and putting it in his pocket) I made two birthday parties for 22 people for the Lawyer this I was told was for lawyer fees to prepare my papers.
After waiting for 13 months for my papers for the hotel and asking the lawyer for them I was informed to close the hotel & restaurant for one day, this was in the beginning of 2006,
The reason was that I was to make a dinner for 8 high court officials ( Judges) this part is of importance during the forthcoming court case)
I was told not to talk or look at them when they arrived. During the meal one of them went to the w c after which he washed his hands and had to walk past me to go back to the table.(I saw him) when they had gone Mustafa(lawyer) stayed behind and we had a sisha together with Mohamed Awad. And I was told ( I Quote ) you see now Mr. Tony we will have no problems getting the license for the hotel and beer ) once we get them you have to pay 25000Le–
Twenty five thousand this included the water purifier I was told Mohamed had to pay for the police station. After much asking for my papers 2 months later I was informed by Mustafa to meet him in the court house, to sign papers for my hotel, On arrival at the court house I was sat down in the front waiting room and was informed that we were waiting for an English translator to read the paper to me.
After 2 hours I was told he could not get a translator I asked what the paper was for —he said for the 2 licenses for the hotel and we need this paper to get the papers from the judge for my home ( inta bait) so I signed the paper. Then he told me to wait in the main area by the side road as it would be a while before he gets the papers signed After another hour he again informed me that he cannot get a translator and if the paper did not go to the judges office now it could be another 6 months before we get them, (after a 14 month wait I was only too willing to sign, and after all he was a lawyer)
One month after I received my papers Mohamed wanted more money for the builders? At this time I had been open for about one year with 6 staff and a gardener all Mohamed’s relations
( I was told I had to have this many staff as it was law if you have a hotel) I was paying all the bills including all the food that came into the hotel, my meat bill alone was 4500 a month
I was feeding the whole family including staff There were 10 living down stairs (immediate family) so I decided to close the hotel and just live and use it as my home as this was the original plan.
I went out that evening and on my return I went up on the roof to make a cup of tea and all the pots and things had been smashed up and it was a complete mess. I was standing on a chair trying to repair the fan when Mohamed returned with his dope friend Mohamed Unis + six police and Mustafa Lawyer. And I was accused of doing the damage.
Mustafa then told me to stay in my rooms ??? This I did not understand my rooms ??
I then went out for a sisha to calm down on return I was barred from entering the home so I stayed one night on one of the boats. The next day I went back to my home and was accosted by the father who physically stopped me entering the home and most of my belongings were strewn on the front garden. My computer, printer & photocopier were damaged,
I slept one night on one of the motor boats on the Nile and stayed in a friend’s home for a few days and a very worried Mustafa begged me to return to my home.
(Too early to get me out)
On my return Mohamed said sorry Mr. Tony but I have a very dark side and I should not have done it. But informed me that (I QUOTE) Now you have a black mark with the police if you make anymore trouble you will be thrown out of Egypt so you have to re-open the hotel.
On return to my rooms I found all my papers and my passport and a few items missing, I asked for them back The items where returned to me but I was told all my papers were with the Lawyer Mustafa. My receipts for items I had paid for were also missing including the receipts for the air conditioning washing machine and receipts for money I had given Mohamed
So I went down to his new office in Gezira to ask for the items to be returned to me. I was told they were in his other office but not to worry about my papers because there is another copy in the court.
I also asked for my receipts of the money transactions and was told he did not have these
I then asked him if he was related to Mohamed Awad –I even asked if he knew what related was– he said he was not related to Mohamed Awed,
So I asked if he would be my Lawyer and how much would it be to return my papers in English. I was told 500le and I paid him there and then. For 5 months I constantly asked him for my papers
six months later, I thought I would try to fix my scanner, the liquid had dried and it worked, inside the memory there was a copy of the papers that I was going to send to my wife. I took the copied papers to a friend; he asked what should be on the papers “I thought you owned the hotel”. I told him I did own the hotel— He informed me that these papers were for renting a flat— I told him that we must have someone else’s papers, — he said no. they were my papers as the address is on the stamp
I went back and confronted Mohamed about these papers, at which he said; nothing you can do; get out of my hotel.
I then closed the hotel rooms (the hotel is my apartment)
Then I went to the police and made a complaint about Mustafa making the false papers. They phoned Mustapha on his mobile. As soon as Mohamed Awad’s name was mentioned they put the phone down and started to interrogate me about Mohamed’s drug dealings and ancient artifacts’ dealing, And told what I knew which was very little, then they called for them to come to the office. I waited in the office until 2 in the morning and they phoned Mohamed again he said he was in Hurgada and would be there as soon as possible, ( strange as he was in the hotel when I left at 9.00 that evening) The next day at 3 in the afternoon Mohamed was in the garden talking to his police chief friend. I went back to the police station at 8 that evening again and asked if Mohamed had reported in, then they phoned Mustafa and Mohamed, they came to the station at 10.00. Mohamed agreed in front of the police that he had received £37.800.00 and would raise the money to repay me (I DID HAVE RECEIPTS FOR THAT AMOUNT) but not for the other 20 thousand sterling that I gave him in cash after I sold my car and workshop tools in the uk, and Mustafa would return the 500le I paid to translate the papers, No police REPORT
The next day Mustapha did not return my money and refused to have any contact with me. I then went back to the police station after realizing that they were in this together to fraudulently take my money and make false papers. I found out they were cousins so were related, After this and 4 days under arrest (in Jail) he tried to get me out of my home by turning off the water and the electric. I reported this to the police and nothing was done about the situation. no police report
While in the police station reporting the problem, Mohamed took all the food and all the kitchen utensils and gas bottles from the restaurant , I stayed there for three days my wife came from the uk to give me support, the second night we went to bed about 11.00 to be woken up by a lot of noise on floor above us as Sara Mohamed’s sister was getting married soon, we thought it was a party for her, so I went to ask them to keep the noise down only to find there was a fire on the roof , the next day we had to go to the police station and the court as Mohamed had made charges against me and my wife setting the fire, he got 2 witnesses to say we were drinking beer and smoking on the roof just before the fire, all this was proven false by the examiners, first my wife does not smoke and never drinks beer and I have-not had a cigarette for 20 years they also found the witnesses could not see us on the roof from where they were, all of the family by coincidence where out of the home apart from “Achmed” brother for Mohamed, and Mohamed was in the police station, and all had returned home by 12, we saw Achmed and his friend enter the hotel at 11.00 just before I went to bed we also heard the moving of chairs on the roof, for the next 2 days we were sleeping on the entrance floor as it was too hot to sleep in our room and decided that we have to move out as I feared for our safety,(who knows what they will get up to next) we stayed one night in the Horus hotel and 5 nights in the mercure inn until we found a flat in Baharwa. near Karnack temple , When we went to get our belongings we were refused entry into my home, we paid the transport fee 150le and had to pay another 100le that the transport police took off the driver for parking outside my home, on arrival back in Baharwa I saw Mohamed and his friend go into our new neighbours villa, then leaving, We went out to Luxor centre to have a meal and called in the grocer shop on the way home. Only to find a very unhappy neighbour and my landlady they asked who I had given my new address to and who where the people who threatened them, (Mohamed had followed the lorry back to find out where we lived) we told them a bit of what was happening, and the guy in the shop said his relative was the police chief in Cairo and that he could sort this problem out. 2 days later Zachariah (the police chief from Cairo) met with me and tried to help, only to be told by Mohamed Awad that he was being paid to help me, and said there was nothing he could do, but he said I should go and see Dr Sheik Ahmed Tyib, he said he would see him in Cairo and tell him what was happening.( That he did not do) I was also told by a friend to see the Imam, Sheik Machmood from the Mosque near the Luxor Temple. And he set up the meeting to see Sheik Tyib Wednesday 1/8/07. Mohamed even set it about that I paid Sheikh Machmood.
The fire case went in front of the court to which we were found not guilty.
After the court we where allowed to see the papers on the case Mohamed said in his statement about the fire that I had a right to live there and he accused us of making the fire because he saw us on the roof that night. He also states he was in Luxor from 6.00 pm until 11.30. He must have very good Eyesight maybe that’s why he wears glasses,
There are other cases against Mohamed and his family for refusing me entrance to the hotel And getting my belongings.
Looking at flats by Karnack temple
The view from the roof was direct into the Temple complex, but it was a shit hole on commenting on the condition of the said property I was informed that I would be paying £ 5000. so he can make it new for me and 200 leper month, so I said which planet are you from, after all the ( I can only call) shit that has happened since I came to Egypt I was at that point at bursting point, and walked out
My new flat was only about 200 yards from here, but I had to walk through a built up area that housed coffee shops grocers and the normal village only what I can call idiots, I stopped at one shop as I needed some food , and asked for some eggs and a chicken some yogurt I was quite versed in asking for things in Arabic, but being welsh and have a very strong welsh accent I have to say things two or three times for the locals to understand what I am asking for, but some go out of there way to make it hard, I can usually cope with this but on this day I was not in the mood for giving anybody a versed conversation in English never mind the few words that I understood him saying, all I wanted was some food, he wanted to know which hotel I was staying at my answer governed the dollar signs, he asked how long I was staying and where I was from, so I told him I was staying with his uncle Machmood, who thought I was a Martian with plenty of money, and that I was going to give him loads of money to buy an airship. This we where going to fly from the land that they had flattened to make room for the tourist buses just outside of his shop. Then he asked me for 120.00 le I told him to stick them where the sun does not shine. And walked the rest of the way back to my flat. Prices 4 yogurt 1.50 each. Pack frozen chicken wings 5 pieces 15.00, 6 eggs 3.00 total 24.00leso you see They are all from another planet or am I, I find it best to walk out rather than barter with them for things , by the time I would of brought him down to the real price the chicken would of gone off, and its much easier to catch a 25 pietas cheroot to Omar’s shop where all things have a price on them, watch the till in case they put extra things on there. And catch the cheroot back, that evening I had a telephone call from Machmood to meet Zachariah at 21.00 and to make sure I had some money with me on the way there I was met by Machmood who informed me that Zachariah wanted 1000 le for the work he had done so far . I said Ok, as I knew what our first agreement was after I move back in my home I pay 5%,
And started walking so I was grabbed by the arm, and he said no mister Tony You can not pay Zachariah in front of people that’s why I meet you first to take the money here, I said ok I will get money tomorrow , you do not have money in your home, I said no I have to go to the bank. Oyo promise to give me money tomorrow I said Aiwa bwkra. Meaning yes tomorrow. As long as it’s for Zachariah. He said ok no talk of money now ok, so as soon as I arrived at the cafe, I was informed by Zachariah that he could not do anything as Mohamed had threatened him saying that he was taking money from a tourist. And said you have met a bad one He cares about nothing only money , and I told him why he was not scared of the police as his friend is the police chief of the west bank and has been taking money from Mohamed ever since we open the hotel, I know this because Mohamed was on a desert trip, when the cop was going on holiday and wanted his money so I gave him his 1000le,
I gave Zachariah the guys description 3 pip fat guy with glasses a few weeks later this guy was out of the area.
Machmood really started to get up my nose, now here is this man who wants me to put my share in his business 30.000
I know an airship is more than 60.000. And he needed money to put his Daewoo car back on the road so asked me for 2000 le and would pay me back as soon as he gets his pay, he had all kinds of relatives coming out of the woodwork, for a sisha and tea , all seemed to have property for sale or rent, I have learnt never give a telephone number out unless its absolutely necessary, these people give the number to anybody that they think may be able to help you, so you get a phone call they hang up after 3 rings so you call them back , they never have money in their phone, and I was swamped with a***holes ringing up all hours especially at 2. or 3 in the morning, friend for Machmood; I have; that’s as far as the conversation went,
That evening I was told by Zachariah that the only one who can help me was Sheik Tyib who was a friend of his and he was the head of universities in Cairo, but once a month Held court here in his home at Ghurna. This village is on the west bank of the Nile.
He said he would see him in the next few days and explain my situation. I had a meeting with him and Sheik Machmood the Imam from the Mosque by Luxor Temple, I had met sheik Machmood 2 weeks before the meeting.
After my final meeting with Zachariah I went back to the flat I had to climb over a load of bricks and sand to get through the entrance door. Then when I got into my flat it was covered in dust. I opened the door to the garden and the balustrade on the steps had been broken by debris that had been thrown over the 4th floor balcony by the builders, I put up with a few weeks of this dust and dirt and climbing over building material to get to my flat. The American from the flat next door had moved out because of the mess.
When Pam came again (she was away for a month) and we had to go direct to the west bank as we had a meeting with The Sheik we picked up our translator Adel and headed off to the west bank to the meeting, now the court here is open anybody from the area or who is in the area can go there I suppose at one time it would have been held in open ground or any open area and every one would of sat on the ground, but here it was in a courtyard with rows of benches and one bench and a table where the Sheik came and sat down with an aid each side to him. Every one who was there said there hellos by going over and kissing his hand, when it came to our turn the sheik stood up to receive us and shook us by the hand and ordered us to sit at his side to hear why we where there , He told us both : are you prepared for me to be the judge on this It means if you are wrong you will lose all and the same for Mohamed Awad: we said we were and we will respect his decision on the matter and abide by the outcome. within half an hour Mohamed Awad was there with his brother , apparently the sheik had sent orders out for him to be there, I was asked to tell my version that had to be told through Adel, so it took some time, then Mohamed had his say, and Adel translated it for us . After hearing both versions the sheik got up and said that Mohamed’s story did not make sense , and that we had to come back the following night,
Next time we went it seemed all the men of the village were there Mohamed was sitting with his brother and his neighbors , when the Sheik came there was no formalities like the night before he called Pam & I to sit by his side And said he had made the decision that we are in the right and :what do we want; we discussed that seeing this was the family home we did not want to see his parents and the children on the streets so to speak, and that he should pay us the money that we can prove we gave him and handed him our bank statements that Pam had brought with her from the uk for our New solicitors, he asked how much and we told him £38.500.00
And that we can not prove the other £20.000.00, he asked how we would like to be paid we said now, then we went into the realism of it and the Sheik decided that he had to give us £6000. Now and the rest in instalments every 6 months for 3 years, when he called Mohamed over he agreed to the deal. And every one heard this they also heard Mohamed’s outburst of: – he is a Christian and why should I give him his money back:-, the Sheikh made no comment to me on this Just told him to go away and come back when the papers are ready to be signed,
we where then told our solicitor had to draw up papers that would be signed by Mohamed and the father the next night. We did all this the next night Only the father turned up, he said Mohamed was away on business, and he would make the arrangements asked if he took the money the answer was no, and he started ranting on about Mohamed had no right to discuss terms without him and wanted us to reconsider the agreement as I had lived in the hotel for a long time and that 30.000 was about the sum it should be at this the Sheik got angry and told him it was his decision not Mohamed’s to agree terms. And said they had to be back there the following Friday to sign the contract. The following Friday either turned up only Achmed with the excuse Mohamed could not come as his car had broken down in Hurgada and the father was in hospital in Cairo recovering from on op to his belly. So it was put off for the following Friday, this day no one turned up and the Sheik said he would write a report on his decision and hand it to the local court, so back to Square one that little charade cost us another 2000 le for our translator and solicitors fees, taxis etc.
P am cannot cope with dust and the second night she was back the builders where working and the dust was coming through the air condition unit, and she woke up in the night unable to breath , the next day we decided to move, so I went to see the owners upstairs , who said we have to live in the mess as , “well, we have builders in and what do you expect??

Now the father is told not to let us in
The last one is when the father attacked my wife with a farmers stick and then trying to protect my wife He hit me with the stick and broke my finger and I had to have the nail removed surgically
The father told lies to the police and we were put under arrest and had to spend 28 hours under police guard until it went to court, 2 months later we put in misdemeanour charge against Luxor district for hiding information. For protecting me and my wife I received 15 days jail the father got 1 month. The father claimed I kicked him in the testicles.
Since being out of my home it has cost almost £10000.00 lawyer and barrister fees ETC its months now and my wife cannot be here with me all the time as she has to look after her mum & dad in the uk and run the b&b just to keep me here while this case continues. Air fare is about £400 a time (3 times)
I did try and do this the Egyptian way by going to Sheik Dr Achmed Tyib
But Mohamed agreed that he had the money but refused to sign anything saying he was allowed to take this money off a Christian.
But Mohamed agreed that he took the money £37500 and agreed he would pay £6000 every 6 months but had no money to give right away and said he would pay the first instalment in 4 months, but then refused to sign anything we went back to the Sheik 3 times but Either Mohamed or the father had an excuse not to be there all the excuses he used where lies,
He left the 2ndnight refusing to sign anything saying he was allowed to take this money off a Christian. The father said he was in hospital in Cairo (no mention of any operation to the bowels in the police report on the beating case only a few weeks later) on the Friday of the last meeting Mohamed was In Hurgada paying a 6 month rent on the Seaways hotel. On the 23/11/07 I went back to see The Sheik as he said that he would send a report to the court on this matter, as soon as I asked him if he would just send a report to say that Mohamed agreed that he owed me the £37.500, he said that we have to go back to see his brother on the Tuesday at 19.30 to sort the problem and that it would be sorted out once and for all. With the Awad family. On the Tuesday no one turned up not even Sheik Mohamed, no apologies nothing,
I cannot find out what the reason for this was I thought as we were told in the beginning by Dr Sheik Tyib that we (both parties) had to agree with his findings whether we were right or wrong .
His findings were that Mohamed was wrong and falsely took my money I e gave me the wrong papers. We also agreed that if he decided that I was wrong I would say no more of the matter.
People here only believe what they hear they hear Mohamed agreeing to the paying back so ask why am I making Problems,
nobody (An Egyptian) walks away from Sheik Tyib, so I am in the wrong.
A lady called Mari- Pierre Prin now a friend and I will be putting her story on here soon, built a villa at a cost of 1.5 million Le she was warned by Mohamed that if she perused the matter they would tell every body she only came here for the young boys and would get one to say he was her lover. Marie is 64 and never had a lover here, on the orders of the lawyer. Mohamed bragged about this 12 months ago and how they beat up the guy who was security at the villa, then told me (I quote) you do anything against me I will fuck you too. His way of saying be quiet on our visit to se Sheik Tyib last night the taxi driver told us of Mustafa’s French boyfriend
First thing we had to do was take Mustafa’s name off the papers. I asked what papers, and was told the papers I signed in the court to make him my lawyer, I said that I did not sign for a Lawyer. So we went to the court house to release the papers then I find out that the paper I signed for the hotel was signing for Mustafa to be my lawyer. Then I went back to the same place with my translator (Adel) a to make papers to say that Shaib and his company where my lawyers. In the office before I signed I was asked if I knew what the paper said and Adel read it out to say I was making my new lawyer’s papers power of attorney,
On the first day of the case coming to court the Judge was the one I saw in my restaurant and I pulled him up about this and he said he had never been to my place so I thought I must have been mistaken.( but I do remember thinking at the time he does not look very Egyptian)
And today I still say he ate in my restaurant. I told my lawyer and he said its best not to mention it. But after all that’s been going wrong with my case I feel there is something going on, if not why would Mustafa ask these men to my place where I was told to pay the bill and why did they accept his offer of a free meal at my place. (Been told the Judge does not like me for asking if he enjoyed the meal at my home???)
Mustafa has already had one court case charge against him he got off on a technicality?? And I can almost guarantee that if we look into fraud papers concerning land or property on the West Bank Mustafa Adea’s name will pop up, two German men (Ok they where gay) built a Moroccan Style hotel only just finished, but the owner of the land took a photo of him talking to a young boy. Paid the boy to say he was intimate with them, they where deported now the original land owner owns the hotel, (his lawyer!! Mustafa Adea’s) this kind of thing is always going on here. And its why a lot of people just leave. Just like these people thought I would have given up by now and gone back to my homeland, Over 100 cases since the new laws of 2003 concerning buying property here in Egypt. ) most of these are here in Luxor on the west bank
For him to be so confident in doing these things he must be well in with some one in the prosecution office. My lawyer has a lot of these cases on his books but as he said to me now you see why it’s so difficult for us to win. After he read my story about the judges. He said I have to make a report for the high court in Cairo, Meaning the judges not disclosing my medical report for 6 weeks, just because it conflicted with the police report. And shows the police officer incompetent, his report says he could not find the stick and I did not have a camera to take photos.
A farmer with no stick, and no camera? When an hour earlier he took a statement off Achmed to say he took the sim card out of the camera and the card is at his home. I walked in the police station 20 minutes after the said offence and showed the camera to the police. The police surgeons report from Quena was on the judge’s desk 4 days after the examination of me and Pam’s injuries.
These reports have to be signed for and have on official seal on. I know because when I went back to the police surgeon in Quena , with a man from the court, to make a report on how my finger was healing, I came back with the sealed report and handed it to the post secretary at the court house he had to sign for it, I asked if he does this with all reports he said yes. I asked him if and when did he receive the report on the case number??? He said the date that was 4 days after I was put under arrest.
On going back to see the head judge on the misdemeanour case The man who brought the papers to the office, my Lawyer Shaib informed me was Mustafa lawyers uncle, no wonder Mustafa disappeared for six weeks when he was served with papers to retract the power of attorney papers,
this case is now been sorted, and Mohamed’s father has been found guilty. And waiting for sentence.
We have also been told that Mohamed And his Lawyer have been found Guilty of obtaining money under false pretences, the case for sentence is in May. I am still waiting to get the court to say I can go back to my home? Strange thing is they have never linked any of the cases.
Setting the roof on fire. We have to make another case against Mohamed for Lying. About where he was then we can make another case of him being the instigator to his brother making the fire.
Another 2 cases of his refusing to let me get my belongings from my home. and then breaking into my rooms and stealing them, Every thing in the ( we shall call it Hotel) I paid for so in law is mine,
Mohamed if you remember has stole all my papers . So he can turn around and prove that he is the owner as he has the receipts, the reason he stole them in the first place,
The case of the beating, the reason I went to the hotel , I ran the hotel for 2 years and I used to send customers to other hotels that I knew where clean etc, one of these was in Aswan. He phoned me up and said a Greek dr Mickeal that stayed with his family left an important bag in his room and could I take it to the station in Luxor so he can pick it up on his travel to Cairo on the 6.30 train. I informed him the hotel was closed and had been for a while as I had a problem, so these folks did not stay , only to phone me up an hour later, with a very Irate Dr explaining that he did stay at Myegypt told me the room number and the name of the owner , so Pam said we better go to see if its open, so under the instruction of the police, if you go there take a camera for evidence, that I did problem was his neighbour Hassan , Yes the one who got paid to say he saw me make the fire, owns a motor boat on the Nile, he phoned the hotel to say we were coming, hence the old man waiting with the stick,( Hassan Awad is one of the family)
After we left of course they knew I would go to the police. So they had to have some bruises or something when the police come to take statements,
so this is what I think happened After talking to the police surgeon whom I had lunch with on my last visit to Quena, ( he invited me and he paid)
The first report says
Achmed had bruises on both his legs and back . Caused by maybe the same piece that inflicted the injuries to Mr.and Mrs. Roberts. The severe bleeding that the police saw on the fathers face was caused by him picking an old wound on his nose. This wound was maybe 2/3 days old and caused by some thing sharp like a farmers crop cutting blade, and he had a slight bruise to his leg and groin, I asked if the wound on his belly was ok, because He had told Sheik Tyib that he was in Cairo recovering from an operation to his tummy.(See the letter to DR Sheikh Tyeb) I was told the only thing wrong with Mr. Awad is that he’s diabetic, and a very poor liar.
So my conclusion is they set about each other with the stick after we left, never in their statement to the police did they say I had a stick and beat Achmed with it, they made a report to the police that I went there to cause trouble , and that is why we were put under arrest for 28 hours,
The police were also supposed to of informed the British consulate we were under arrest, on either occasion did they do this , we were arrested on the fire charge too,
Today is 10/2/08
some of the references i.e. see this,, they were taken down on orders from the police, after I wrote to Dr Zahi Hawass,

British embassy Cairo

February 13, 2011

Today I went to see Mr Adel Mikky a general in the tourist police office here in Luxor, after half an hour talking through an interpreter he told me that there is nothing they can do as I have no evidence on paper.
Hmm. 4 years fighting for my rights here in Luxor and I have no evidence, what does this mean. have they the police got rid of all paperwork that links them ,Lawyers and the Judges here in Luxor to corruption, so again went to see the army general who referred my to Adel Mikky, and again he listened to what I had to say. Including telling him about the 6 judges that came to my restaurant to eat with the lawyer Mustafa Atea on the pretence of making sure it my hotel and restaurant was fit for the tourists before handing out my papers, even told him what I said to judge Shaddy, on the first court appearance, Did you enjoy the food in my home,
That was your mistake I was told, you turned all the judges against you,
So my being friendly to the judge was the downfall of my case and I had no chance of winning from that first question. As all the cases after the initial swindle case none was won, first the fire case they said there was no proof you made the fire case dismissed. They said lack of evidence. Even though they and the police knew the two witnesses had been bribed , mohamd Awad the owner said he was in the police station in luxor in one statement in another on the next page he said he saw us make the fire we (my wife and I) where drunk on the roof smoking and drinking beer he wrote. My wife does not smoke or drink , and told them tests could prove that.
The next charge was when me and my wife got beaten up outside the hotel my wife was his with a stave And I had my finger smashed protecting here . The offender got one month in jail,(he served one day) and I got 2 weeks jail quashed on appeal and had to pay 1000le. This sentence 2 week jail was passed because they thought I would leave Egypt by the back door and their problems would be over,
Next case was two weeks after the first court hearing one year after I put the swindle charges against Mohamed and Mustafa the lawyer,
I was ordered by the residing judge to take the English contract to the court in Cairo to get them translated back to Arabic, I was standing outside Hassan Ateas office,
When I saw Mustafa coming out of his uncles office I asked which of your children wrote these papers. And he hit me in the face causing my forehead to bleed, he ran out of the court. Got some thug to beat him up went to the hospital for a report on the damage. And I ended up in court on an assault charge of beating up a lawyer in his place of work and got 2 weeks Jail this case had to be referred to the appeal court in Cairo as it involved a lawyer, and maybe it will be heard in seven /ten years time.
And again they were hoping I would leave the country,
Going back to my home this is a complicated task the police have to ask neighbours and the local sheihk questions. General ebd moshin was in charge of this investigation one of the most corrupt police officers in the west bank of Luxor, he ordered I pay 2thousand pound so all would go smoothly to get my home back,
His report was so damning it’s a wonder I did not get thrown out of the country there and then . It read in part this man never lived here only as a tourist coming back and forth from England he never lived here, but fair play , the court granted me to go back to one room in my hotel, by this time I had started negotiations With Sheik dr Ahmed El tyeb then head of El Ahzir the grand mufti of Egypt, after going to see him in office in cairo he promised he would solve my problem, I put off going back to my home as I did not want to aggravate the situation, twelve months latter I again went to see the sheik on his promise by this time he was now head of Islam in Egypt.
Now he wanted this case finished as it was making bad for Islam, he had seen one of my blogs on the alcoholic, dope pedlar and user, black-marketeer Muslim called Mohamed Awad. The sheikh who’s home is here in a village called Gurna. Called mohamed on his mobile ,
I need you here now said the Sheik.
I cannot come I am in Cairo, I told the sheikh I saw Mohamed by his car on the way here not one hour ago, no said the sheikh he is in Cairo. Ok when will he be here? next week
Next day knowing Mohamed was again lying I went with my rent contract from the court, to my home , this time I was severely beaten up by the awad family. First Mohamed dragged me down 6 stone steps I hit my head on the steps in the fall while on the floor semi conscious they set in with sticks and feet , stole my mobile phone and camera memory card, when I eventually got to my feet I was sett about again with sticks all of them chanting I kill you I kill you. On leaving the hotel I went to the police checkpoint next door, where I had prior going to the hotel asked them for help I showed them my papers from the court, they said no can help . But here I was again asking for help after being beaten I was incoherent and they made me wait for one hour before the tourist general ebd moshin came during this wait another son came with his hand bandaged with a rag, he said something to the police later to find out he told them I attacked him with a knife, a game I know they play this is the third time they have said I was the offender, ached is the one who started the chanting Kill him in the hotel he was no where near me standing on the bottom of the stairs in his underwear. This was 9.00 at 11.00 I was allowed to go to the hospital for a check up
After they found a police man to take me. Am I under arrest I asked Moshin !no why would you be he asked . They would not let me go anywhere without this cop, when we arrived back at the police HQ in Dier el Medinet I again asked if I was under arrest, no he said again, can I use your phone , why , so I can phone my embassy. Its ok Mr Tony soon you will be home, then we went to the police station in Gurna I asked if I could leave now As I would go to SEE Sheihk tyeb whos home I could see from the police station this cop got aggressive as if he was addressing a criminal, you go where we tell you he said, but I need my medication I need food and a drink I said ! not long now you will be home at 9.30 in the evening I was in front of a judge on charges of wounding with the use of a knife. Usually in front of a Judge everybody sits until he adresses , then you stand , not this judge everybody stood up I was feeling quite ill by this time and asked if I could sit,, his answer was, in a very loud voice, SHUT THE FUCK UP, you sit when I tell you to sit and this was the first time in 20 hearings in front of a judge I heard them speak English , so I asked him if this was a fuckin movie we are in. my lawyer is a witness to this.
So now not only have I had 2 jail sentences but I am on an attempted murder charge,
Two days later my case was in front of the Sheihk , Mohamad Awad did his usual grovelling in front of the sheikh, and the sheikh ordered him to give me the amount that I had claimed 3 years before , then he ordered Mohamed to pay Six thousand sterling every six months and mohamed Agreed, then the father went to see the sheikh and said Mohamed had no right to agree terms, the sheikh dismissed him turned to me and said what I do, you have to go back to the court in Luxor
This time the Sheihk said take what you can , you get nothing but Jail from this luxor corrupt court, the Sheikh ordered Mohamed to give me forty thousand. In front of the elders Mohamed Agreed, but once we went to make terms a lawyer my lawer and a few of the elders like the corrupt Abru Nasser and a good friend of the Awad family. Mustafa Adea had his lawyer, and they were making the terms of payment first they said 20thousand and I walked out of the room, knowing that Sheik tyeb wanted this problem finished because my website was making bad for Islam.I was on the road outside waiting for a vehicle, when three of the men came to me and said please mister tony come into the room and make a deal, no deals I said, mohamed has agreed with the sheihk at 40 not 20. Anyway the end of 2 hours and to be perfectly frank I had had enough I was tired aching all over from the beating 2 days before I could hardly walk after the fall and my hearing was gone in one side where I had received a blow to the head with the fall and a stave, so I was just willing to say yes to whatever, I had to drop all charges against Mohamed Awad but on the forefront was the charges against the Lawyer he was heading for Jail on a forgery charge at this time unknown to me , he was also looking at another 4 years for being Mine and Mohameds lawyer in the initial charge of the swindle case, the other charge of the father beating my wife I agreed to drop the charge of his months Jail. And the deal was 30£ £2500 initial payment then 1500£ every six months, rubbish but as the sheikh said better than Jail.
So a good result was had by the offending parties who all along this case has made out I was the offender, as Mohamed said to me !! I made him bad by coming here with my money, they have such small minds , the bastard was an alcoholic a junkie a dope peddler a black-marketeer long before I arrived here I was just the cream on the top,
As the cop in the first charge said please do not drop your case like all the others,
we need this man bad,
that turned out to be please do not drop your case we need Mohamed on the streets every time he deals we get money, he tells us everything to keep out of jail,
And now Mohamed has fooled the sheikh once again 15.000 every six months would not even pay charges for borrowing 400000 from a bank. While all this was going on mohamed was in the process of selling his share of the hotel to Jurgen Engels his contact for black-market stuff in Germany now the hotel the west bank hotel is under Swiss German management as Jurgen points out on his web site,
The whole thing stinks of corruption. Even in the Court of Sheihk Tyeb. He knows nothing of what happened after his ruling to Mohamed Awad, as it was taken over by the elders.
Now the corruption has ended ,I hope,!!
I want.
Mustafa Atea on a charge of acting on behalf of two parties.
Making forged English rent contract, that he personally handed to a judge twelve months after the initial charges,
A retrial of the beating offence nov 2009,
And mohamed Awad on the beating offence , I have lost hearing in one ear and now have tinnitus
, since the fall down the stairs I have a bad limp

The judges do not run the courts here the bad lawyers do , time and time again I hear stories of the bad lawyers, as I found out 18 months after I finished the building . that’s how long this lawyer took to make the papers, I was renting the land I was not the owner, , 350 cases of land registry to foreigners just like my hotel the papers in Arabic,
now this court has ruled no papers to be signed unless they are in both languages,
Problem is why did the judges sign rent contracts, rent contracts are made between the two parties and two lawyers
In my case the lawyer Mustafa Atea was acting for both parties , I thought he was my lawyer ,
This in itself under the law here carries a custodial sentence of 4 years and never to practice law again.
But the whole fiasco was overlooked by the judges, as was the forged English rent papers that turned up in court 12 months after the first hearing by the corrupt prosecution judges, the original Arabic rent contract went in front of at least five of the judges, before they referred the case to court, first case was the swindle case both the lawyer and the land owner were charged of swindling me out of my home and money, then during the first year waiting for the first case to come to court, there are 3 more cases one was the fire where we were forced out of the hotel the owner had 2 witnesses to say me and my wife started the fire we were drunk at the time we were found not guilty but we could have beeb serving jail time of 3 years for arson, then there was the case of assault My wife was beaten with a stave and I had my finger smashed in trying to protect her , this is the astonishing part I got 2 weeks jail and the owners father got 1 month he served only one day claimed he was ill , he is a diabetic, I had my sentence quashed on appeal on the payment of 1000egp.
On the third charge this was two weeks after the first court hearing I was ordered to take the forged papers to the Port said road Law court in Cairo. As I was waiting for the papers to get stamped and a note to say why I was in the translation office in cairo, Mustafa the lawyer pushed pass me, as it happened the head of secretarial papers to go in front of and to be put away in files was the uncle Hassan Atea, of the lawyer . As he came out of the office I asked which child made these papers he then hit me full in the face and ran off. I chased after him and cought him as he was about to go down the stairs he put his face right up to mine and said nothing you can do this is a muslim court and seeing He kindly put his face right up to mine I head butted him , but to no avail I caught my head in his teeth and did myself more damage than his he then pushed me over some people sitting on the floor, and I banged my head on the wall , as I picked myself up he ran off down the stairs. My lawyer turned up asked what the blood was on my forehead, and we need them papers signed, ok, during this rucs there was a witness well there was a lot of witnesses some were handcuffed to others and the police guards there was also eight witnesses these are plonkers attached to do the running about for the prosecution judges , and the other was a young court police man he was there to keep order I guess.
After I had the papers signed and was leaving the court I stopped to tell a captain in the court police office
What had happened, but he said go see the tourist police , as I was getting on the local bus the phone rang, two ladies wanted me to take them to the desert, no nothing funny just one old friend and her friend wanted to go for a few days to the white desert can we make a trip, I had 3 weeks before I was due to visit the court in Cairo , so thought yes after all the hassle of the past 12 months it will be nice to get away. 2 days into the trip my lawyer phoned need you in the court now. So I had to cut my trip short, this lawyer Atea had put in an assault charge against me. Can I see your hands was the first question the judge asked, then I was told I had beaten the lawyer up and he was making an assault charge against me at the end of our conversation the Judge the head of prosecution said ok finished and ripped the papers up, now what had happened this twit had left the court got someone to punch him in the face three times almost in the same are but the thug wore a ring, leaving some nasty marks on the lawyers face , he then went to the hospital to get a damage report he then went to the police and made a complaint , I was in the same police office not one hour before him telling the police how he assaulted me, asked if I wanted to make a complaint I said no , its enough that I had already spent more than 300 hours in this police station or in some courtroom and I did not want to spend any more what turned out to be wasted hours, plus I had already read three of the police statements and my translated statements , the police report on this incident even though I had been to see them before the lawyer , read at the end I was a trouble maker, none of my statements to the police read what I actually wrote down in my statements, the first incident the day before I made the swindle case statement was not even logged. After the swindlers where called to the office to answer the charges , they said that I will have my money back the next day . Is that ok with you the police asked And I said sure, come to the office in the afternoon we will have your money,
No sign of my money so I went and made the swindle case knowing then they were in it together, the police knew this would happen , cannot tell me I am the first person they have had to make a swindle charge it’s the owners third charge of swindling all three had been dropped no proof, god knows how many charges have been made against the lawyer. But they knew when they left that station patting me on the back saying we need these men in Jail please stay with the case, nice bit of money coming their way. If I stay on the case,
They knew what was going on the land owner had a file as long as my arm with the police, he was being monitored on drug trafficking black marketeering, the cops wanted to know what I knew about him where he get his drugs who are the people that come to the hotel with artefacts, these people cant even shit without the cops knowing, so why treat me as a criminal , the hotel was built right next door to a police check point we even had a police traffic watch tower in the hotel ground , and no one could say be careful this man is a known crook. All the way through the 3 years court case I was treated as the offender, not the Muslim guy he was using my money to pay his way through the trial, his lawyer had a new car from my money god knows how much it has cost them bribing the judges and police I know Ebd El Moshin the general of tourist security was getting one thousand a month from the hotel no wonder he put in his report ;|I never lived in the hotel,
I asked him if I was under arrest on one of the cases , no he said , if he said yes He would have to make a statement for the British embassy. And never in the three cases of arrest was the embassy told , and its no wonder the embassy tell us lies the only use they have here is for a lost, or getting a new passport or sending my body back home as long as they get the full money before handing over the corpse to my spouse, I have spent several days in Cairo trying to see a consulate official his name was Richard now retired but twice I was lied to on days he was in the last time I waited 7 days in Cairo after being told he will be in the next Wednesday I phoned from the hotel at 8.00 and was told he was there when I arrived at the consulate been let in and talking to the girl behind the bars he is not in today sorry, she is the one I spoke to half an hour earlier.
And if I am getting all this corruption I hate to think about the corruption that these people have to put up with, this court has 12 judges almost 2000 lawyers of whom I should say all are corrupt some a lot more than others but even to work in this court they have to be corrupt handing money to a police man to get papers seen to before another is corruption keeping my case going knowing full well I will not win that’s deception to them it’s a game of who can get the most out of the client, and over the longest possible time. My lawyers knew that papers went missing and who was doing this, oh lets put a case of misdemeanour’s in .4 times at a cost of 900 each time to the head judge in Quena, as we arrived in Quena so did the lost papers, twice the forgery papers never arrived in the forgery office , why the inspector is Mustafa Atea’s uncle, so not only did this Lawyer have the head secretary who saw every paper that went in front of a Judge he had another uncle in the forgery office, cute eh! Talk about being set up.

A copy of the e-mail to my embassy,

to The Honourable Dominic Asquith. and great-grandson of H H ASQUITH.

on a number of occasions I have been in contact with the british embassy, over A problem I have had for the past 5 years , each time I have phoned or e-mailed I have had the same response this is a judicial matter DO NOT BOTHER US, now I have been told by an army general my problem lies with you, now the corruption is finished here in Egypt,
he also said we do not want to hear any more bad things about Egypt now we are trying to make the country better,
Richard fielder was my last contact, I know he has left. but he must have had a secretary so she will have all my past correspondence but will not have the lies I was told when I visited my embassy three years ago. after waiting one week in Cairo for the return of Mr Fieldman who was I was told due in his office
on the next wednesday, rather than go back to Luxor I obted to see a few sights in Cairo and stayed at the cheap Cleopatra hotel opposite the Museum and convenient for the embassy, 7.30 on the wednesday I phoned the office and the girl answered;- he has just come in. so 15 minutes later I was in my embassy’ filled a form in and waited patiently, how may I help you Mr Roberts the lady behind the glass frame asked. as if she did not know . Mr Fielder I asked, he is not here today;- vanished has he, she is the girl who said he has just walked in only one hour ago.
so please Honourable Dominic Asquith, can you pull a few strings here so the puppets work again. I have no money to come bobbing up to my embassy only to be told lies again, all I want is my human rights, now you may go to part of my story that is now on http://myegyptblog save you any hassle You can click on the link isn’t the internet a marvellous way to contact people I hear it was Mr Mubaraks favourite place. and please after you read the second part,do not say WE have an agent in Luxor who will deal with your problem.
this letter as all the other letters will be posted on my blog. such as a letter from Dr Zahi Hawass on corruption of the police; well he did not actually say that he said He will stop the corruption in my case by telling two police generals about how I tried to help recover some Pharaonic pieces, but he also lied to me, the case went worse,
my next blog will be on the corrupt Judges and Lawyers including names on one who 6 months ago told me to shut the fu-ck up. , and also how they the judges want me out of the country and why.

Monday, November 29, 2010

POSTS FROM APRIL 2011,Dr Zahi Hawass

muslim law.Ahmed el-Tayeb sheikh of Al-Azhar University ,

الشيخ أحمد الطيب من جامعة الأزهر

on the 15 April 2011 on my forth visit in one week I gave Sheikh Mohamed Tayeb a detailed list of the blackmailer Mustafa Atea on how he made me sign papers, and the translated details of what happened the day of the assault two weeks before the agreement for my money was signed, both papers in Arabic, translated by a professional body. at a cost of 300le.

I know the sheihk mohamed did not welcome Christians in his home and the reason my layers made excuses not to come with me, twice Sheikh Mohamed has insulted the lawyer Shaib on two previous visits,, Sheihk Achmed did pull him up on one occasion telling him we are all sons of Jesus, on the hearing of coming to a solution on the case Achmed told his brother to be strong.

this was the first week in Ramadan 2009 3 weeks after my visit to Al Azhir university when the Sheiek Achmed promised he would solve my problem,

after my visit last wednesday to Achmed Agab in the Council office after he phoned Sheihk Mohamed, I was told to go on Thursday the following day to pick my money up.

on Arrival at the Sheihks home in Gurna I was told Mohamed Awad had not paid because no tourist.

what he was saying I had broke the contract by putting my story back on this post.

the papers I gave Sheik Mohamed explained the reasons why , first was Mohamed broke his part of the contract 2 weeks after the signing last June, he sold part of my home to a German Jurgen Engels, his business partner in the artefacts black market, I saw this on their new website that said . West bank hotel is now under Swiss German management . on the famous web site trip advisor, I did nothing for six months thinking my payments would be in the next pay instalment due in Feb 2011, then in February, I found out that the English rent contract papers had been returned from the Forgery office in Quena, as having been forged, this was two weeks before Mustafa Atea the lawyer who made them, blackmailed me into signing the agreement, if I knew last June about the return of the forged papers that I had been fighting over for the past three years, this case would still be in the luxor court as it was the first indication that things had started to go my way. and now since the corruption in the police and courts is supposed to be over. I could have sued both the Corrupt Lawyer and The swindler Mohamed Awad, but Mustafa Atea with The Help Of Sheihk Mohamed has made it so I have no return on cases to the Luxor Court. and as judge Achmed said its up to the Sheikh now to see justice done and to get on out of court settlment





THIS PHOTO WAS TAKEN SECONDS BEFORE HE DRAGGED ME DOWN THE STEPS AND TRIED TO KILL ME. The junky Mohamed Awad that the sheikhs go out of their way to protect, here he is 9 hours after lying to the sheihk HE WAS IN CAIRO ,

aren’t we infidels full of hope thinking we will get justice from the Muslims . my case is in the hands of Ahmed el-Tayeb sheikh of Al-Azhar University /

where 5 years ago I was promised justice, then 2 years ago after realizing the luxor court was full of corruption I went to see him in his university chambers when I went to see him again he made a promise of getting me justice,

come to see me at my home on Gurna in the first week of ramadan 2009 he said . here again I was promised justice , he said if I make a decision you get your money back we the sheiks are guarantor of your payments. once the deal was made I had to take all the 6 charges down and out of the luxor court, now I have no rights at all he has blatantly refused the second payment saying the swindler Mohamed Awad cannot pay due to lack of tourism, his payment was due before the revolution in January.

the sheikh will not listen to my side of the story, he will not listen to the facts June 2010 two weeks after i received my first payment, mohamed sold half of the my home to a German he just happens to be his partner in crime, read the story of what has happened since the Sheikh made his promise on,

the cesspit near the winter palace hotel, this is Egypt a cesspit full of bugs that are ready to bite at any time, some hide under disguises, making pals with rival religious groups. they lie in order to get one on their side. but saying that its normal practise here to lie . it seem the gates of heaven only open for those who lie, a nephew of the sheikhs told me a fairy tale it has to be a fairy tale as \\Muslims do not treat or look at animals especially dogs, any way this man was a real scoundrel been lying all his life and was coming to the end of his days, when he came across a dog who was dying of thirst he took off his shoe and filled it full of water so the dog could drink, then Allah said because of his good deed he will be let into heaven, just made me laugh thinking of a man walking in the desert with a pair of shoes, usually men in the Arab states wear flop flops or sandals. now I go about looking at men’s feet to see of they are prepared in the event of meeting a thirsty dog.

ahmed mohamed awad the arsonist. and liar. .

Achmed Mohamed Awad arsonist and compulsive liar.



the grey hair in the photo belongs to Professor Strawinski from the polish dig above hatshepsut temple.

Close up of Mr Awad

sorry I do not have a good photo Jurgen ,this is Awads dealer from Germany. now part owner of my home.

it also seems dr Haw ASS was involved with these black-marketeers as his email writes he knows mohamed Awad Go to
why would he know such a bad man as AWAD ???? the turning of recent events in Egypt is uncovering lots of people involved with corruption. does Mohamed Awad have an unturned stone on

sheikh Mohamed, just makes one ask questions on why the Sheikh will not do anything to harm the man Mohamed Awad [ the sheikh knows he is a dealer in artefacts , an alcoholic a drug addict , he also knows the family is in the drugs trade, all of which are against his faith, so why is the head of Islam protecting him and his Lawyer Mustafa atea ,


what justice in egypt

Just like this photo from outside the court in luxor Egypt Judges had lost their grip on justice.

Its taken 4 years of court cases and 20 thousand sterling, just to get a yes on the forged English contract papers,

since being assaulted I have not even been able to see a doctor, even though they the judges sent me for reports on the damage, 7 consecutive days I went to hospital only to be told [we have no doctor to see to you] I have lost my hearing in my left ear have sever headaches and tinnitus and now have a limp plus cramps every day in my left leg muscles,

they convicted Zahi hawass within two months, mubarak used the German hospitals for treatment yet complained about lack of fresh air when put in a hospital in sharm, this hospital is only a few years old, luxor hospital is 3 years old and they do not have a doctor to look at a simple thing as loss of hearing,

3 weeks after the assault I was called into the prosecution judges office, they wanted me out of the country, for telling the truth on the corruption in the court, too late I had taken the case to the head of Islam Dr Sheikh Achmed Tayeb,


MUBARAK AND ZAHI HAWASS trial is a farce.



HOSNI HAS A HEART OF A 30 YEAR OLD, A witness who visited the hospital said Mubarak had asked to change the sealed windows in his hospital suite for ones that open to allow in fresh air. NOW THERE IS A FUKIN CHEEK, THIS GUY WENT TO GERMANY TO BE OPERATED ON EVEN WENT THERE FOR CHECK UPS , HOW DOES HE THINK DOCTORS IN EGYPT FEEL ABOUT THAT AND THE BASTARD ASKS FOR WINDOWS THAT OPEN.

In a case that does not appear linked to the campaign targeting former regime officials, Antiquities Minister Zahi Hawass was convicted Sunday of failing to implement a court order in a dispute with a businessman over the use of space in a museum gift shop.

He was sentenced to a year in prison but is appealing the verdict.Hawass denied any wrong doing.

TRY CHARGING HIM ON RUNNING NEFERTARI TOMB AS HIS PERSONNEL TOMB IT WAS ONLY OPEN FOR THE WEALTHY. THEN TRY TAX EVASION ON HIS SIDE INCOME. AFP/File – A court in Egypt on Sunday sentenced minister for antiquities Zahi Hawass, pictured in 2010, to a year …

Sun Apr 17, 2:51 pm ET

CAIRO (AFP) – A court in Egypt on Sunday sentenced minister for antiquities Zahi Hawass to a year in jail and removal from his post after he refused to implement a court decision, a judicial source told AFP.

Hawass, who was named minister of antiquities last month and was head of the Supreme Council of Antiquities and later minister of state under ousted president Hosni Mubarak, immediately said he would appeal.

The sentence will be suspended until the appeal ruling.

Sunday’s sentence against Hawass — known internationally as a leading Egyptologist — came after a suit was filed against him in a land dispute while he was still the country’s antiquities supremo.

In the ruling, Hawass was ordered to return the land to the plaintiff, but he allegedly refused to do so.

Hawass was sentenced to a year in prison, a fine of 10,000 Egyptian pounds (more than $1,600) in damages plus interest, and to be removed from his post.

He confirmed to reporters that he intended to appeal, and added that the court ruling had not targeted him “personally.”

two reports in two days which one is true’

and if you want to know how I know Zahi I was in contact with him over the corruption in my court case, sent him photos of artefacts being sent out of the country ,,

The case involving his prime minister and the two other ex-Cabinet ministers centres on a deal with a German businessman. They are accused of granting him a contract to sell license plates in Egypt without opening up the deal to competitive bidding. The German businessman is also charged with corruption in the case.

there are some real nice horse and carriage drivers about here in Luxor “talk about liars, but then that’s what most Egyptians are liars, they take after the old president and his mobsters, telling the truth it seems is a sin against whoever they believe in, [ here its money]

like this guy a very nice man[not] its just that they cannot help lying , he told me I could not go up the street, knowing he would get my attention so he could tell me more lies, but camera in hand I turned and took his photo, now that really pissed him off , and out came all the swear words he knew like ” go away fuck Englishman, not knowing that is the worst insult he could throw at this Welshman, not too worry I have become quite thick skinned and getting immune to these pricks, problem is they are becoming a plague , and they are not prone to listening at sense, just move on to the next target maybe he/she is willing to part with money, I see the way they treat their animals and no way will I take a ride or give money to one of these two legged animals,

this blogspot link is now 3 years old and nothing has changed apart from there being more carriages and no police for protection against these con men, no licence means no insurance ! so where do the tourist stand as to an accident in these carriages .

Mr Mohamed and his piece of a pharaonic coffin IN 2006. this and other photos where given to the police and Zahi Hawass,


GETTING THE PHARONIC HEAD OF A COFFIN INSPECTED FOR AUTHENTICITY By Professor Strawinsky from the polish dig Above Hatshepsut Temple

Close up of a junky

list of Tony myegypt blogs.

my blogs are nilelife/1/2/3/ 4 and the latest
Click on the photos to enlarge myegypt bird blog birds of Egypt birds of Egypt photos from around Luxor Egypt photos from around Luxor Egypt Dragons and damsels butterflies and bugs Tombs and temples of Egypt

Dr Zahi Hawass

Sun Apr 10, 5:30 am ET

Thieves stole around 1,000 relics from museums and archaeological sites across Egypt since protests against the government broke out in January, Egypt’s minister for antiquities Zahi Hawass said Sunday in a newspaper interview.

“We are investigating all the incidents to find the items. Up until now we have identified many culprits, criminals who were looking for gold or mummies and who lacked knowledge of the value of the items they stole,” he told Spanish daily El Mundo.

“They were not organised, they lived near the archaeological sites where the objects were kept. They would take advantage of the night to enter the archaeological sites and pillage,” he added. “A Roberts adds” there are no police on duty as we all know they are sulking because the corruption has stopped. so why would they apprehend a thief in the daytime never mind in the dark hours,

“About 1,000 objects were stolen, none of them major items. There is an inventory of everything and it will be difficult for the items to leave the country.”

no one had any problems before Mr hawass, never heard of parcel post? that is what the police said to me.

The inventory of all the items that were stolen during the uprising and the weeks of unrest that followed will be given to UNESCO, the UN cultural agency, Hawass said.

The tomb of Hetep-ka at Saqqara and the tomb of Em-pi at Giza as well as the Egyptian museum in Cairo, which houses most of the King Tutankhamen collection, were among the places targeted by thieves, he added.

during the riots 28th Feb, most of the looting of Jewellery shops etc was done by the secret police thugs, so maybe you should be checking them,

Hawass was named minister of antiquities last month. He had served as head of the Supreme Council of Antiquities and later became minister of state under ousted president Hosni Mubarak.

and this story is a load of bollocks, they had not finished the inventory of the cellars of the museum. they knew pre 25/1/11 many pieces had been pilfered at the time they claimed it was security staff. when asked how long will it take to make the inventory of the thousands of pieces in the cellars they said at least 2 years, so how come suddenly they can give the list of stolen items to UNESCO, the UN cultural agency as Hawass said.

Is the good doctor going to explain to UNESCO ” who put an order on the demolition of the tomb robbers houses in Thebes in 1972″,

where has all the carvings and wall paintings gone from the tombs they found after the demolition in 2009 the robbers had almost 40 years of unhindered theft /pillaging of the tombs and the two underground temples, not one wall or ceiling was found intact,

, one item from luxor, the complete head of one of the sphinx, that disappeared and was not on any inventory, I saw and photographed this being unearthed 13/1/2011,

In 2006 I gave The police and Zahi Hawass a cd with several photos one being 18th dynasty part of a coffin, that was sold to a German named Jurgen Engels who also has a collection of 250 funery cones, nothing was done to retrieve these pieces of antiques, by hawass or the antiquity police of Luxor. two Ramases 111 statues were unearthed while excavating for footings for a house near Seti 1st temple in Gurna. My camera and computer was used to distribute these photos by the dealer Mohamed Achmed Mohamed Awad, these where sold to a Saudi Arabian dealer for 3 million $, the corruption here was not just with mubarak and his cronies but almost every high ranking officer, no one pissed here without them knowing, [who am I ] just someone who was conned out of my money and home with the help of people like Zahi Hawass, Judges and police,,

About 1,000 relics stolen during Egypt ....

AFP/File – An Egyptian worker cleans some of the archeological pieces inside the Egyptian Museum on February 16.

last year I visited the museum and it was just like Indiana Jones and the tomb raiders I had to wipe cobwebs off my face,

Mr Mohamed and his piece of a pharaonic coffin 2006.


GETTING THE PHARONIC HEAD OF A COFFIN INSPECTED FOR AUTHENTICITY By Professor Strawinsky from the polish dig Above Hatshepsut Temple

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